Some days he barks up a storm, usually at nothing I can understand. I’m sure he thinks it’s important to let the guys roaming the neighborhood putting flyers under front door mats that he’s here and he’s watching. At other times, a dog out on a walk with his/her owner must be told “Hey, this is where I live! Remember that!” And still other times I think he barks just to hear himself bark.
But on most days he’s content and quiet. A real peach under all that barking fur. He’s good at giving me that cute stare from the end of the sofa, or stretching out in a patch of sunshine for a long nap. Oh, how I envy him those moments of blissfulness. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I will stretch out beside him on the floor and relish a respite from my work. Ahhh….he’s got it good!
The Good Life

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