I must be a poster dog for Common Dog Questions. I’ve been through every one of these! Dr. Jon from PetPlace sends out this great newsletter and today, Mom Peep and I want to share with you the great articles he highlights.

First –  Why do dogs chase their tails? 
I’d like to know why in the heck I do that. My Mom calls it spin cycles and in the beginning when I came here they were incredibly nasty. I ferociously snapped and bit and growled at my tail. This article might help you understand it a bit. It helped Mom a lot.
Read Dr. Jon’s answer here:  http://www.petplace.com/dogs/tail-chasing-in-dogs/page1.aspx

Second – How do I crate-train my dog (and why should I)?
I like my crate. It’s my den, my retreat, my safe place to curl up and be by myself, so I totally agree with crate training. It’s a good thing. Dogs love it. Humans have to get over it.
Learn more at: http://www.petplace.com/dogs/crate-training-your-puppy-2/page1.aspx

Third – How should I introduce a new dog into my household?
When I was introduced to big dog Rex we had a squabble. It freaked Mom out. It’s normal though, for dogs to posture for position in the household. That’s all I was doing, and we eventually got along.
There’s a really good article at: http://www.petplace.com/dogs/introducing-a-new-dog-into-your-household/page1.aspx

Thanks, Dr. Jon for these great articles to help keep pets safe and healthy. A safe dog is a happy dog!

Woofs & wiggles to you all,
Charlie Bear

3 Common Dog Questions

4 thoughts on “3 Common Dog Questions

  • December 6, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Clyde loves his crate! He goes inside now when I leave the door open on his own.


    • December 6, 2011 at 4:57 pm

      Yeah, those crates are cool dens, huh?
      Have a great Christmas sleepover.
      Wiggles & Woofs,
      Charlie Bear

    • December 6, 2011 at 4:56 pm

      Thanks for the compliment! When I look in the mirror I can’t believe how cute I am either!
      Wiggles & woofs to you,
      Charlie Bear


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