Hi, Charlie Bear here, with a featured rescue dog named Wicket. And if you saw him at a shelter, like Erikka did, I’d think you’d stick with him, too!

Here’s what Erikka said:

Hi Ms. Taylor! My name is Erikka Ross and I am a junior at Marina High School. My family loves your work! We are subscribers to Guideposts and my mom can’t wait to read your new series about Charlie Bear as we got our dog Wicket from the shelter. This is him when he was about a year on a trip to my grandparents house. 

He is a mix of a bison frisé and a brussels griffin and he is just about 3 years old now.

Grace and Peace,

* * *

Charlie Bear here. He’s cute! And just about the size of me, from looking at his picture. I bet we’d have a lot of fun playing together.

So another great rescue story. Stay tuned. There are more!

Wiggles & Woofs
Charlie Bear

A sticky Wicket? I think so!
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