Charlie Bear here. That’s Beaugie and here’s what his Mom Peep Alice says about him:

Beaugie is a “True Rescue Dog;” got him on Monday before Thanksgiving of year 2008, and the vet said his age was around 1 1/2 years. His coat of fur was full of tangles and his body full of fleas. The Humane Society made us wait for 10 days to see if he would be claimed, and I was secretly glad he wasn’t for I already fell in love with that “Bundle of Dogmanity” and could hardly wait to bring him to his ‘Forever Home.’

Finally the day came when we could get him, but first he had to stop by the vets and get his pride taken care of. Finally he came ‘HOME’ where he has been ever since. He has had a few issues and still has a few, but he has turned out to be a very good, loving dog.

It is amazing to us peeps here how much he resembles ‘Charlie Bear’ and when we can get his picture on here everyone can see the resemblance. B.J. keep us updated on your progress of the “Rescue Dogs Album,” and thanks for all you do for the maaannnyy homeless animals around this world.

Beaugie’s 2 Peep Moms,
Alice W & Bobbie R

* * *

Charlie Bear back again. Wow….I have a twin out there? Isn’t that amazing. Sounds like Beaugie is extra special and extra loved in that household (just like me in mine!). Guess we do have a lot in common.

Woofs & Wiggles.
Charlie Bear

A true Thanksgiving for this rescued dog…
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