TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

I have a full plate, but ALWAYS room for:  (stay with me …)

JELLO (remember the commercial on TV?)
Doggie Kisses (I love these, don’t you?)
Ice Cream (any flavor, except black licorice)

And the best one:


Something I’ve learned this past year is  time doesn’t stop. You are my closest friends; thus, this Taylor’s Tips Newsletter. Thank you for reading.

Something else I learned: I thought I couldn’t write if I didn’t have a chunk of time, like 2, 3, or 4 hours straight. I thought my creative juices needed to be jump-started, primed, built up in momentum in order to churn out my work.

But guess what? Due to necessity, I’ve discovered I can write for ten minutes. Twenty. Even five. And it can be good stuff, too! Now, I walk around the art festival with hubby and have a corn on the cob (yummy) or a cup of ice cream (latest was Espresso Almond). I sit on the deck and watch the amber, fuchsia, lavender sunsets and thank God for my ability to delight in nature and my ability to write.

I’ve stopped looking for nonstop hours, and now I’m happy and moving forward with my goals.

What is your creative pursuit? Are you shoehorning it into your life?

Follow your dreams…
B.J.& Charlie Bear


What’s Going On:

Is there time? I think so. Register for the Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference NEXT WEEK on August 12-15 in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be doing mentor appointments, a workshop on “Writing for the Guideposts Family of Magazines” (32 writers have signed up to take the class and I’m excited!) and a Nite Owl on first page small group critiques (class max is five). Come and learn all you can from a multitude of people in the writing industry. We all love to share what we have learned. And doesn’t that help everyone? www.oregonchristianwriters.org

UPDATE: Okay friends…I told you July 4th was my drop dead deadline for finishing the novel. Guess what? I DID IT! I finished on July 3rd. Hooray! I have a very good friend reading it, and she is offering suggestions and pointing out errors (repeater words, holes in chapters, questions on anything). I thank her profusely for her time and attention to detail, and for her willingness to help me in the face of her own busy life. She’ll know this because we share it often: LYLM

Do you ever have it rain and then rain some more? More humble thankfulness for a sweet, caring, compassionate publisher who has shown interest in a three-book novel series that is near and dear to my heart. It is based on the life of my beloved Golden Lab Rex, and those of you who are devoted animal lovers will understand when I tell you that the feelings for my soul-mate Rex have never dimmed. I am soooo excited to be bringing the series to this publisher and if I am blessed to work with her, I will be forever grateful.

Life is Good!

B.J. Taylor

Always Room For …

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    • August 7, 2019 at 2:43 pm

      Penny, so true. Life is busy. Life is good. Life includes friends, good ones like you!

      Thanks for commenting. Hugs!


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