Who walked into our garage today bearing gifts? Nancy, Rex’s second mommy! At least that’s what I call her. She’s operates a Doggie Day Care where Rex became socialized to other dogs, learned manners, and grew up into a full-blown dog.

Nancy’s backyard was Rex’s training ground. I knew he needed an outlet for all of his energy almost immediately after bringing him home as a pup. He was wild and filled with piss and vinegar, shredding toilet paper, sneaking off with slippers, and dashing madly through the house. Day care was just what he needed.

Rex is 9 now, and doesn’t go over to Nancy’s house for play days as much anymore. In fact, he’s “out for the season” as my husband calls it, since his torn ACL surgery six weeks ago. He’s mending well, though, and should be back to his frolicking romps soon.

Nancy walked up to the garage this afternoon and Rex went into full wiggle-waggle mode. She wanted to inspect his rear quarter to see how his surgery had progressed, but his rump was moving so fast she couldn’t get a close look. “He loves you, Nancy!” I gushed. “And he’s missed you, too.” She had a package in her hands. A gift. It was homemade doggie biscuits cut up and baked in the shapes of bats and pumpkins and altogether ghostly images.

After Nancy left, Rex got one of his favorite treats. I’d already had mine. Seeing Nancy again brought back all of the memories of what she has done to help me raise this rambunctious puppy that I love. She’s fantastic and I love her to pieces.

Is there someone in YOUR DOG’S life that means the world to the two of you? Share with us.

An Early Goblin Visit

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