Ahhhh….this is my year. I’m two now. Mom Peep says I get to talk about all the stuff I’ve learned since I came here. Boy, do I have a lot to say.

I’m calling it Y2K (Year 2 Know-it-all) because I really do know it all. But not if you ask Mom.

I’m going to go back to what my life was like on the streets, then to my rescue and eventually to foster care. Then, later, we’ll chat about life here in my new home with the big dog. I don’t think I made any mistakes. Well, maybe a few and I’ll try to be honest about them. You can decide for yourself whether I did the right thing in certain situations.

That picture up at the top? That’s my mug shot. They posted that one, along with this one below, on www.adoptapet.com to entice someone to adopt me. I was very lucky it worked.

Hey, do you tweet? Guess what? I tweet now! I have my own Twitter handle (like a trucker out on the open road: honk, honk!). It’s @CharlieBearY2K. Maybe you’d like to follow me (that would be awesome) and I can follow you, too.

Wiggles & Woofs,
Charlie Bear

Back to the Future – with Charlie Bear Y2K

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future – with Charlie Bear Y2K

  • March 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Love you’r new ‘Mug Shot’ Charlie Bear, i’m on ‘Twitter’ but peep mom can’t find me, she said she had to “Take Out A Search Warrent” and find it so folks could ‘Tweet To Me Some”; good luck ‘Charley Bear’ with your tweeting but do not get to Tweeting like a “Tweeety Bird” now.

    Paws to you from,

    • March 23, 2012 at 6:49 pm

      Thanks for the compliment on my mug shot. I’m kind of like a deer caught in headlights with that look, but I’m not complaining. It earned me these two Peeps who I came to live with and I’m really grateful for that.
      Have a great weekend, Beaugie, and give your moms wiggles and woofs,
      Charlie Bear


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