Walking a dog is a wonderful thing to do together, right? You’d think so.

Foster Mom: My husband and I often looked at each other and shook our heads. We had run out of ideas on how to make this dog happy and better adjusted.  We thought giving Charlie more exercise might help, so David took him hiking.

Can you say wide open spaces, fresh air, and well-worn paths? I was ecstatic to be out of the house and out of the yard, but my foster dad had me on a leash, and I had to follow him wherever he led me. After a while on the trail I’d had enough and did the one thing I was good at. I threw a fit.

Foster Dad: When I looked down at Charlie spinning around I wondered if he’d picked up a burr, so I reached in to try to find it and that’s when it happened. He bit me. Hard.

Right after I bit him, he grabbed his hand and scowled at me. I felt kind of bad. I didn’t mean to hurt him. He immediately walked me home and told my foster mom what had happened.

You know that saying: a tired dog is a good dog? You’d think that a nice, long walk would make me mellow and in turn make me a good dog. Well, for me, at that point in my life, it wasn’t true. I was more like a toddler. When I got over tired and when I was stressed, I turned cranky, crabby, and became prone to tantrums. Ever see a three-year-old when they don’t get a nap? Not a pretty sight.

My foster mom and dad talked later that day. I heard them say words like “unadoptable” and “unable to rehabilitate” while wondering if there was something, anything, they could do to help me. I had a feeling I’d sealed my own fate.

 * * * * * *

P.S. I’m almost done relating the tale of LBA (Life Before Adoption). Don’t tell my female peep, but if you want a secret sneak peek at what I’ll be chewing on in posts to come, check out the Charlie Here box above.

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Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #12

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