Most dogs don’t have poo stuck to the back of their rear end. But I did. A big hunk of it embedded in my fur. I couldn’t get at it. I couldn’t shake it off. And every time I walked or sat down it pulled at me. It was irritating, to say the least. After that spin cycle on the school grounds and the trip to her home, that sweet rescuer lady Ryo tried to dislodge that big hunk of poo, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Who would let their dog walk around like that? He was obviously in pain and he was very unkept. I knew the shelter was full and, with his needs, he wouldn’t make it there long. Besides, he needed a vet’s attention, so that’s where I took him right away.”

I wasn’t too happy about having a vet look around at my rear, but in the end (no pun intended) I got shaved back there, the poo was gone, and they also did something else to me. They (gasp) neutered me. I guess I should have seen it coming. Most of the dogs in the area said they’d had it done too. “Reduces unwanted pet population, Dude,” they’d told me. Hmph, guess only blanks in the gun for me from now on. Anyway, I’ll let Ryo continue.

“I put up numerous signs to cover the bases, but nobody claimed him. I usually keep the ones who have ‘issues’ and work with them to find them homes, but I had a 90 lb. Rottie/Shepherd boy who didn’t dig other male dogs at the time, so I called in a foster to take him.”

So this pretty lady who had been my angel turned me over to foster care. And that’s when I turned into Chucky. Ever see that movie “Child’s Play” where that kid goes from sweetness to awfulness in an instant? That was me. Even I can’t believe the things I did to that family.

* * * * * *

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Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #3

6 thoughts on “Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #3

  • November 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    And me too. I want to meet Charlie Bear. 🙂

  • November 17, 2010 at 11:11 am

    What a stinker–ok, bad pun. So cute, BJ. Can’t wait to meet him–Soon!

  • November 17, 2010 at 11:03 am

    These stories are too cute! I can’t wait to meet Charlie Bear:)


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