So here I am in foster care. I thought Ryo, my rescuer, would take me home after my surgery. She was so pretty and she seemed to love me, but I guess that wasn’t to be.  Something about a big Rottweiler that didn’t like little mutts (that would be me).

“I posted on Facebook that I needed a foster home until school let out in four weeks. Then I could bring him back home and work with him. I was very thankful when a woman who had previously fostered for me responded. When she saw his picture she said,  ‘He is so cute! I’ll take him in.'”

Ryo brought me to this new home the end of May. It was the night after my surgery and I was still woozy from the anesthesia, so I wasn’t my real self. Good for them, huh?

“I cradled Charlie Bear in my arms when I picked  him up at the vet’s office. He was sweet and complacent and quiet. I thought he’d be the perfect dog to foster. ‘He’s adorable,’ Sara said with a wide smile when I knocked on her door. ‘He’ll be in and out of foster care in no time. ‘ She smoothed the fur around his face, then added, ‘And what a lovely present, to have this little guy join our family right before my birthday.'”

I looked up at the foster mom through blurry eyes. Everything seemed a little hazy. They put me close to two bigger dogs. They both smelled me. I didn’t do much while in my rescuer’s arms. Then they put me down in the back yard.

“That’s when he did that spinning thing again. I was shocked. I’d only seen him do it that one time at the school, and thought it was because he was trying to remove that irritating poo stuck to his back end. But that was gone now. Sara looked at me, I looked at her, and we both said, ‘Hmmmm…odd.'”

I snapped and growled and spun myself around and around. Remember when I told you I didn’t like change? Well, old habits die hard (excuse the cliché, dogs love clichés). The spin cycles were a habit. A bad habit. But that wasn’t the only thing this foster family would get to see out of me. There was lots more where that came from. 

* * * * * *

Want more to chew on? Click on the Category to the right called Charlie Chat. All my posts will be there starting back from #1. And they’ll be there forever, just like I hope to be in this new home forever.

And P.S. Don’t tell my female peep, but if you want a secret sneak peek at what I’ll be chewing on, check out the Charlie Here box above.

Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #4

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