I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I got a couple pieces of turkey from the new peeps, and that was nice, but let’s get back to the story about how I came to be with these new people. We left off where I just got delivered to the foster home.

I was exhausted. Spin cycles, neutering, two different homes in three days–it had me flummoxed as all heck. I tried to be good, I really did. I’ll let my foster mom help tell the story:

“We had a big wire crate set up in our bedroom that we used for foster dogs. It was big, roomy, and had a soft, pillowy blanket to lie down on. My husband and I crawled into bed after putting Charlie in the crate and said, “Good night, little guy.'”

I looked over at these new people…one man, one woman…and also made note of the two dogs lying on beds of their own in the room. I was too tired to protest, so I curled up and went promptly to sleep. Ahhh….the bliss of the calm before the storm, you could say. (I know, another cliché, forgive me.)

“When all three dogs settled in and slept the night we thought we’d have a good experience with this foster dog. He sure was cute, and I was happy to help Ryo with his care until her classes were over for the summer break and she could take him back home with her. But that first night was the only night we had any peace. And it was the last night he slept in the crate.”

I woke up with a start. Where was I? Whose house was this? Who are those two dogs peering in at me through the wire? Let me out of here!

* * * * * *

Want more to chew on? Click on the Category to the right called Charlie Chat. All my posts will be there starting back from #1. And they’ll be there forever, just like I hope to be in this new home forever.

And P.S. Don’t tell my female peep, but if you want a secret sneak peek at what I’ll be chewing on, check out the Charlie Here box above.

Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #5

2 thoughts on “Charlie Bear Here with “Something to Chew On” #5

  • November 29, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Cute new pic, BJ. Eager to hear what he did next…


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