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Dear Friend,

Do you have annual gatherings? Traditions? Things you like to do all the time?

Maybe you always make a turkey for Thanksgiving and a roast for Christmas. Maybe you gather at a beach house in the summer with friends or family. Maybe you play board games or sing songs when together with loved ones.

There’s something special our family does. We call it our annual family reunion (not very original, but it works). It started out at a hotel when my Mom was still here. We’d rent rooms at this cool place that gave us free breakfast and chocolate chip cookies at night. It had a pool for the kids and it was all enclosed inside so we always knew where everyone was and we could gather at the many tables or in the pool area for loads of fun.

Family Fun 2010 (136)

My brother with his grandchild Gianna (now she’s four!)

Then we branched out to a water park with a condo. We put everyone inside a place where we could make meals together (what fun that is!) and the water park admission was included in the price. We had a blast at the many slippery slides and drop-off tube rides (one time was enough for me on that one).

Christmas 2012 (75) Christmas 2012 (74)
Kaitlyn and Paul making breakfast for the gang.

There’s also something that has become a tradition: Christmas cut-out cookies. The first time we did them it was 2002 and the kids were really little.

Colton and Amanda in 2002

Now, there are new little ones like 4-year-old Gianna and Nathaniel and Jadin. And we’re doing it a bit different because it isn’t Christmas this time. I made cut-outs of stars and moons and girlie figures in honor of upcoming baby-under-construction Aubree. I’m bringing the frosting and colored sugars and we’ll spread them all out on the dining room table and everyone will pitch in and decorate.

Whether it’s summertime, wintertime, Christmastime, or any time…family is the best. What traditions, gatherings, or things do you like to do with loved ones?

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Happening:

A recent review from: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances  http://amzn.to/16rMeb5 

5.0 out of 5 stars The blessings of pets, June 20, 2013

By Tammy D Ditmore

“Living with animals is not always easy. They can create problems, cost us money, take up our time, and ultimately break our heart. But I’ve come to believe that pets are a blessing from God because they can teach us so much about the world and about ourselves. B.J. Taylor does a magnificent job of describing the difficulties, the frustrations, the pain — and the blessings. Anyone who has ever willingly given their heart to–or had it unexpectedly stolen by–an animal will appreciate this lovely little book.”

The CHARLIE BEAR book is now available in H A R D C O V E R…can you believe it? Charlie Bear thinks it’s gorgeous (I have to agree). You can find it here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/11uOka6


Working on my writing a bit this summer. Just submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game. Hope they like it. What have you been doing as far as your writing?

Coming up in October: Antelope Valley Christian Writers’ Conference October 10-12, 2013 will be a fun event. This conference has been around awhile, but this year it will be in a new location at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center. Join me? www.avwriters.com

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Do You Have One?
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6 thoughts on “Do You Have One?

  • August 13, 2013 at 6:24 am


    Think I would love doing what your family does each year but our family has mostly passed on and even though my family involves many close children (3)one lives in Ohio, other 2 are here close to me, I have 10 grands & 25 great grands, they are really scattered, in GA., N. Carolina, Ohio, & Indiana. Usually when I see most of those is when I can manage a trip to Ohio and they gather there for us to get together and we do a little of the same things you do and have barrels of fun just being together with not even a time to go to bed at night, we go when we want to and most times it is cracking daylight before the last one crashes and by then some will be getting up. WHAT A LIFE, but FUN FUN FUN!! This is the pattern until we all start disengaging and start for some a long drive home but with full tummy’s and happy hearts. We never plan for the next get together as we do that at a later time. Will say that my son, wife, his son, wife & 2 kids, his daughter, husband & 2 kids are coming to Jekyll Island Beach, GA. for a Church Convention for 10 days & are all coming here to my home afterwards for a few days and that may take the place of the Ohio visit for this year and all the GA. clan will come here. I am so looking forward to it.

    You take care and enjoy your trip and gatherings.
    Love on Charlie Bear ~~~

    • August 13, 2013 at 6:25 am

      WHAT FUN! Charlie Bear and I know just how you feel when family gathers. The hearts burst with love. Enjoy your Georgia time together!
      Hugs from me, Wiggly Woofs from Charlie Bear

    • August 12, 2013 at 10:33 am

      Mom Peep had a BLAST at her family reunion. She flies home today and says she cannot wait until the next one. What a fun thing…to have a happy, memorable event to look forward to next year. She tells me your family has a new tradition (something about coloring books and crayons and grape drinks). She thinks that rocks.
      Woofs to you,
      Charlie Bear

  • August 6, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    B.J. MoM Peep sent you a comment for us under the other post, you can read it there, or if you know how and would like maybe you can transfer it here. Have fun at the gathering.

    Woofs & Wiggles!!~~~
    Beaugie & Peep MoM…

    • August 12, 2013 at 10:31 am

      Dear Beaugie and Mom Peep,
      My mom did get your other message and she will pass it on this week to one person she knows.
      Wiggles and woofys to you,
      Charlie Bear


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