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Mom and Dad Peep had a cat named Red who had diabetes for more than five years. Mom wishes there would have been some way to help Red with this all-too-common-disease in pets.


Now, there is help. At least for dogs. Let me say right up front that you should consult a veterinarian and do your research on any product you give to your pets, right? You all know Mom Peep (as B.J. Taylor of course) writes for Guideposts magazine. Well, they ran a story on this company that has a product to help diabetes in dogs. Check it out. This is straight off their website:

Vintek Nutrition featured in Guideposts Magazine – July 2014 Issue. “Saving Vinny” the Diabetic Dog  To read the story click here:

Guideposts Magazine, July 2014 - Saving Vinny.  Diabetic Dog treatment

Our story (Vintek Nutrition, LLC – Kameron Carlson, Nancy Carlson, Vinny, Leo and Francesca) was featured in the international magazine, Guideposts in their July 2014 edition. It is a four page story beginning on page 44.  We are also featured in Guideposts – The Family Room section on page 65. The magazine has an estimated 5 million viewers and 1.7 million registered subscribers.

The story is about the pursuit of a solution for a beloved diabetic dog (Vinny) and an answer resulting in a breakthrough treatment for diabetic dogs.  The company recently obtained a patent for their discovery and in-turn has a similar patent pending for people.

Diabetes is increasing at epidemic proportions in people and even more dramatically in dogs. Since 2006, dog diabetes has increased 32% (American Humane Society, 2012) and 23% in people (CDC 2012). Both diabetic dogs and people often have similar difficulties in regulating their blood sugar levels. It is estimated that 1 in 160 dogs have this disease. There are over 73 M dogs in the USA alone and an estimated 400 M worldwide according to
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There are some great links on the website, like these:

Do You Know a Dog Who Has This?
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2 thoughts on “Do You Know a Dog Who Has This?

  • April 27, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    BJ, thank you for mentioning our article. We have been helping dogs (diabetic, skin and coat issues and vitality) for over six years now. Piper, the diabetic dog just passed the six year mark and is doing great. Piper is 13 and had diabetes at an early age. Owner works with vet clinic. Dia-Treaties has been a Godsend to this dog. Was on 6 units of insulin and is on 1 now, 6 years later. See all at (testimonials, educational videos, etc.)
    Thanks again for mentioning our company.

    • April 28, 2016 at 3:39 am

      It’s wonderful what you do to help animals and their people. Keep up the terrific work!
      All the best,
      Charlie Bear (the Rescue Dog), and Mom Peep (B.J. Taylor)


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