Kimi Yokota raises Canine Companion for Independence dogs. I’ve been awed by this young woman’s dedication and drive ever since the day I met her at CCI.  

She recently shared the following:

“Titian was my very first puppy to raise for CCI and after four and a half months in professional training, she decided that it wasn’t quite her fit in life. Well, she’s still very much an active, working dog at heart. She is keeping busy with therapy work, hikes, and keeping a smile on my face! Today, I decided to share my girl with Bark magazine! They celebrated having 10,000+ people ‘like’ their page/magazine and threw an online party. They asked for photos of everyone’s dog, so I submitted one of my girl. Out of many, many photos Titian made the cut and had a Facebook Party Cover made with her on the cover! No, it won’t be printed, but it is still very cool! I hope you enjoy her ‘cover’  🙂

Kimi & Titian (Release dogs are awesome too!)”

* * *

And Kimi — YOU are truly awesome!

Reader: Don’t miss the fine print underneath Titian’s photo above. Click on the picture to see it.

Also, if you could say a quick prayer for Kimi and her newest CCI puppy, Hadera, that would be great. Hadera is spooked by loud noises and is having trouble even taking walks outside. Thanks, everyone!

Dogs and People Helping Others

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