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Charlie Bear here with a monthly newsletter from Mom Peep (I have to let her have her say once in a while…I guess). Anyway, even if you’re not a writer, you might get something out of it. Here it goes…

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

Dear Friend,

Do you ever wish you could have things done RIGHT NOW!? As in yesterday, last week, a month ago?


My new book P MS to a T: the winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell is ALMOST ready. But the background color for the cover is still being decided upon so it’s not quite done.

The new domain name for my website ( and the refreshed website are under construction.

I know they’ll get done. The outcome will be terrific and all will be well, but right now, I’m eager and a little frustrated. Ever feel that way?

Okay, nothing I can do about it today, so I’m going to tell you something you can do right now. You can decide to invest in your writing career by attending a wonderful conference. I’ve said this before, but this is my Springtime Conference Push to help you to choose. If you can afford it at all (check out the websites for scholarship opportunities), pick one of these and be there. You owe it to yourself to invest in learning your craft to be more successful. And you can attend my classes and learn how to MAKE MONEY — sell one story to Chicken Soup for the Soul and you’ve paid yourself back for the conference fee!

Here are the two I highly recommend. One is in April, one is in May.

In April in Southern California you’ll find the Orange County Christian Writers Conference. Check out what’s being offered:

  • Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Magazine & Blog Writing
  • Childrens & YA Writing
  • Drama & Comedy
  • Working with Agents
  • Publishing & Marketing
  • New Sessions, New Faculty
  • Dine with Faculty
  • One-on-one Consultations

All of that for one low fee? Unbelievable. The dates are Friday April 24 and Saturday April 25. I’m leading two workshops: Make $$$ Selling True, Inspirational Short Stories, and GPS for Writers: How to Get Where You Want to Go. Will I see you there? Shoot me an email to or reply on FB and let me know so we can hug and say “HELLO!”

* * * * * *

In May in Redmond, Washington (just outside of Seattle) you’ll find the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal. Check out what’s being offered:

  • 21 Workshop Sessions
  • 16 Workshop Presenters
  • Appointments with Editors and Literary Agents
  • 2 Keynote Addresses by Angela Hunt
  • NEW this year: Personalized WriteCoach Labs
  • Manuscript Critiques
  • Reality Panel of Experts
  • A Newly Expanded Vendor Avenue
  • Dessert Reception with Angela Hunt
  • Book-Signing Party for Authors in Attendance
  • Valuable Prizes Awarded Throughout the Conference

All for one low fee? Again, unbelievable. The dates are Friday May 15 and Saturday May 16. I’m doing group editorial appointments for writers and leading two workshops: Writing for the Guideposts Contest, and Make $$$ Selling Personal Experience Short Stories. I hope to see you there. Shoot me an email so I can look for you and we can hug and say “I know you from online!”

* * * * * *

If you are not a writer, what are you passionate about? What would you like to achieve this spring that will springboard you into your own personal success?


Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Going On:

P MS to a T: the winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell We’re fixing a few quirky errors in the manuscript before we turn it loose on Amazon for print. My wonderfully talented team from is doing the revisions. This is the original cover I went with, but I’m considering a different background color. Any comments or suggestions?

P MS to a T

What Writers Say About the Formula:

“This formula worked so well for me that I was able to use it to write a story that was accepted by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope and Miracles.”   – Judee

* * * * * *

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Ever Wish Things Happened RIGHT NOW?

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