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Dear Friend,

Have you heard the knock on the door? Has the doorbell rung? Or is your door latched and chained and deadbolted so tight that even if you did try to answer, it would be too late by the time you got the door open?

Last month we talked about scary things in the world and some of the things we may have missed out on because we were fearful. We discussed how to feel the fear and do it anyway — a mantra I have undertaken. Oh, sure, there must be investigations into the validity of the endeavor, whether it is good and right, but if all indications and time in prayer show that the endeavor is just, then what are we waiting for?

Often, we need a sign.

And that one is scary in itself. Change? Golly, you might say, just keep me here in my own world where I’m comfortable typing away at my desk, conversing with others through email. Attend a conference? Join a writers group? Submit my work?

But then another thought creeps in. You want to affect the world. You want to share your writing with others so that maybe, just maybe, it could help someone in some way. You enlist the support of other writers you meet, you attend classes, you learn, and you share. And you step out of your comfort zone.

Doors begin to open for you. New choices on where to submit your work, offers to try this place or that. Maybe you win a writing contest you entered. Maybe you garner an award at a conference. Your work is getting noticed. All of a sudden, the bells are ringing and you are answering the call.

Then you wonder: Do I try for online publication, self-publish, look for an agent, find a mentor, attend more classes and conferences? You realize it is a long road, and it is not an easy one.

The first writers group I ever belonged to began in 1996 with fledgling writers who had a common interest and goal. Last month we celebrated 15 years of meeting every three weeks to share our writing and to help each other to achieve our goals. All eight of us are now published even though life threw at us trials and loss, but it also provided triumphs and joyful accomplishments. We raised our water and iced tea glasses at the Lazy Dog Cafe and toasted to more years ahead–sharing our writing, working on our skills, and supporting, encouraging, and motivating each other through even more open doors.

For those of you just starting out: The bridge from here to there is lengthy but if you persevere and remain steadfast in your goals, success is right over on the other side. Don’t take the journey alone. Take along some good friends and enjoy every inch of the pathway. Let God lead you as you step forward in faith.

And don’t forget to answer the bell or the knock when it cometh.

Happy writing and blessings on your work. 

What’s Happening…

Southern California Writers’ Conference –  This Ninth Annual Southern California Writers’ Conference *LA (at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach), Sept. 23-25, 2011 is founded and run by working writers. The SCWC has facilitated nearly $4 million worth of first-time authors’ book and screen deals. With extended one-on-one evaluation of advance submissions and dozens of read & critique and Q&A workshops, this event is purposely tailored to empower writers to sell their work. Join me at this one. It promises to be GOOD! www.WritersConference.com

Add to Your Calendar…

Christian Writers Guild of Santa Barbara – This conference is in a beautiful setting at Westmont College and if you have a chance to spend more than the one day in the area of Santa Barbara, go for it. Opal Mae Dailey does an excellent job of providing a wonderful learning environment with great speakers. Stay tuned for more information, but mark down the date of Saturday, October 1st. I hope to see you there.

Follow your dreams…


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Has Opportunity Knocked?

4 thoughts on “Has Opportunity Knocked?

  • July 21, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Love this post, BJ, especially when you talk about us. So true and good. Thanks for the uplift–need it right now. Hate that we’ll be away during the Sept. conference and at a wedding during the Santa Barbara one–drat. Loved our trips up there. Next year…

    • July 22, 2011 at 7:13 am

      I love talking about The Sixteen Thumbs! So happy you will have some wonderful events coming up in September and early October. Would have loved to have driven up to SB with you. Next time!
      Hugs and love,

  • July 21, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Encouraging post, B.J., thanks.
    I’ve moved from southern California to northern Nevada after 50 plus years, and went through a “season” of wondering where to go from here as far as writing is concerned. The writing will never cease, but I’m limited as far as outside contacts are concerned. I do keep up the online contacts, and have joined the Reno Christian Writers’ group (very small, but we meet in a fantastic used book store). I feel confirmed to continue developing the several books I have in mind, but again, limited in promotional ability (physically). I wish there were interns or apprentices who could handle the public promotion. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?
    Carry on, unmet friend!

    • July 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm

      Hi Lois,
      I know lots of people who love and cherish their online connections to other writers. It keeps them grounded. Many have formed online writers groups. How wonderful that you have your Reno group! One of my groups meets in a Borders. I guess we’ll be finding a new location very soon. Sure did love that atmosphere of being around the written word. Keep writing and working on those book ideas. I think it’s a fabulous idea to have others handle the public promotion, and there are companies/individuals who do that. Alas, it would cost dollars, but something to consider.
      Carry on, too, my wonderful friend.
      Best, B.J.


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