B.J. here again before Charlie Bear adds his ten cents.

If I knew then what I know now…well, I’ll let you be the judge of the outcome.

Charlie Bear - do I have a chance

Before Charlie Bear came to live with us in October of 2010 we went to bed early, slept in on the weekends, and were comfortable with our lifestyle with older dog Rex. The idea of throwing ourselves back into 14-month-old puppyhood came with a lot of discussion and a bit of soul searching. Were we ready for this?

Rex as Puppy

Yes, we did make it through the days when Rex was a terror; and yes, we survived his chewing, digging, barking and unruly behavior. It took a long time for him to mellow and become less impulsive (at about the age of 6 or 7).

But with Charlie Bear it wasn’t just the normal puppyhood stuff. The adoption site said he came with “issues.” Could we handle him? Could we give this new little guy a chance?

Charlie Bear 1 (6)

Look at that face. It’s worried. Concerned. I’m sure he wondered if we’d give up on him when his real character came out. But how could we say no? This guy needed a home. Maybe I didn’t know what we were getting into, but I did know one thing for sure: we had lots of love to give. Would it be enough?

Charlie Bear will soon share with you what it was like from his point of view. Stay tuned!

CALL-OUT: Share with us YOUR rescue/adoption story (like Marsha Hubler did below) along with your pet’s photograph. Send via email to: bj@bjtaylor.com. Your story and photo could be featured at the end of an upcoming “If I Knew Then…” post.

Charlie Bear and I look forward to hearing from you,


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Featured Rescue/Adoption Dog: BAILEY

Bailey 10 26 11

From Marsha Hubler: After putting down a sweet dog, Honey, who was old and ailing, I went three days later to the SPCA and found Bailey, who looked at me with eyes that said, “PLEASE take me home.” That was four years ago when I brought him home. He adapted to us and our other dog, Skippy, immediately and has brought untold joy to our household. He’s probably about 7 years old and having the time of his life. He’s such a sweetheart, and we thank God for sending him our way.


  1. Photo one – the day I brought him home.
  2. Photo two – his favorite pastime: sitting at “his” sofa and watching the world go by.

Marsha Hubler
Author of the Best-selling Keystone Stables Series
Director of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference

If I Knew Then…(Part 2)
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6 thoughts on “If I Knew Then…(Part 2)

  • September 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Charlie Bear & BJ, How like Charlie Bear my Beaugie is; from his color down to his spinning and other things he does to unwind or get attention. But he does not have to worry he has gained a home for all his life. We (his other peeps) could never think of letting him go anywhere else other than “Over The Rainbow Bridge”; and that is a place we hope he waits til we are gone there before he goes.. Hang Tuff; CB…

    Woofs & Wags,

    • September 9, 2015 at 2:40 pm

      Beaugie and his Mom Peep,
      I, too, don’t want to go over the Rainbow Bridge too early, yet I know my big dog mentor Rex is there and I’ll have a great time seeing him again. Til then…party on!
      Woofs and wiggles,
      Charlie Bear

  • September 2, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    I remember Charlie from the beginning and also your hubby’s delight in him. And I remember your pain… Love to see the enjoyment he brings and the books he inspires and besides, I adore looking at his cute face! Good post. Looking forward to the rest. Hugs.

    • September 9, 2015 at 2:41 pm

      Yup, I caused a lot of trouble, and sometimes still do. (hiding my eyes and looking sheepish) But I’m a good dog and I try to love up my Peeps extra much to make up for it.
      Wiggles to you,
      Charlie Bear

  • September 2, 2015 at 12:59 am

    B.J., you and Marsha have the same gift as my mother…you can READ exactly what an animal is thinking!

    Such precious expressions!

    And two tenderhearted ladies.

    • September 9, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      Mom Peep says that she is doggie-voyant. Get it? Woofs!
      Charlie Bear


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