Hey Charlie Bear, you remember us don’t you?  Ya know, your former foster brothers. The ones that didn’t want a thing to do with your bad self when you first arrived and then, who grew to love and play with you. We’re happy to hear that you are so well loved where you now live. 

Dude, guess what?  Those humans got another one after you left.  She is living in Huntington Beach now, too.  So, they got another one.  His name is Sammy and he is a rascal, too.  He has been waiting for his forever home for a long time.  We all hope he gets as lucky as you did. 
We’ll turn it over to Mom now. She’s the boss (as you know). Here’s what Mom Sara has to say:
For nearly 10 years I volunteered at a local rescue shelter.  I stopped in 2007 and felt the void.  During a big fire in the area, I grabbed a couple of crates and went over to the Pasadena Humane Society to help. I ran into a woman named Ryoko there; she was helping them pull dogs for upcoming Pup My Ride transports.  http://bfla.bestfriends.org/pup-my-ride—la.html
Ryo asked me if I could foster a few of the dogs until they could be scheduled for transport. I left that day with Polly, Oscar and Tanner. I don’t remember how many weeks we had them all but I can tell you it was a wild ride. Oscar was very young and energetic and untrained; this is why so many dogs end up at or back at the shelters. If only people would train and socialize their puppies, dogs like Oscar could stay in their homes because they would have been taught how to be good household citizens. Tanner was 7 and had JUST been neutered.  Polly was around 5 and didn’t love all of the attention she was getting from the 3 new boys in her life. Rowdy and the cats were overwhelmed by getting 3 new house guests all at once.  But, we made it work out. 
We grew to love them all but my husband David formed a deep bond with Tanner. The day the driver came to take the 3 of them to transport them to Utah, David came to me and asked if we could please keep Tanner. As much as I did not want a 2nd dog, how could I deny the man that let me walk into the house with 3 and gave them care as if they were his own? So, Tanner became part of the pack.
After that, we got two more and they went off to the Utah Humane Society about 5-6 weeks later. They were both great little guys; I mourned losing PeeWee for a long time and realized that fostering for Pup My Ride was emotionally very stressful for both David and me. We then took in Gus, another guy who won over my heart in a big way. I told the Best Friends people that we would take care of him until we could find him a home. That was several months later. 
Then, Ryoko posted a picture of Charlie Bear on Facebook and asked if anyone could foster him while she tried to find his owner (as required by law when one finds a stray). I took one look at his picture and thought he would be a slam dunk adoption if his home wasn’t located; so, thinking it would be very short term, we took him in. Looks can be deceiving. You know the rest of that story.
After Charlie came Stella, an 8 lb. darling. We fostered her for Ryoko and she went into her home in HB also.
We were in need of a break but Ryoko once again posted on Facebook that this little jumping bean of a dog was wearing out his welcome (after nearly 3 months) at the North Central Shelter. After being treated at the vet for a skin condition, we brought him home to have his skin heal and during that time, got to know him better. We discovered that the issues he acquired while being locked up as a pup for too many months created some behavior issues to be worked through so we are still fostering him. 
I could not do this without David, we make a great team for fostering. 
Sara, David, Rowdy and Tanner
* * *
Hey, Dudes! Charlie Bear here.
Yes, I do remember you! I gave you both a hard time, and for that I’m sorry. I’m excited that you’ve had so many playmates. Big dog Rex was here for a while, but he went over the rainbow bridge. I miss him a lot. I miss you guys, too.
Give Sara (my angel foster mommy) some licks and kisses for me, will you?
And P.S. Little Sammy needs a home. Won’t someone come forward to give it to him? Email Mom Peep at bj.taylor@verizon.net and she’ll put you in touch with Sara.
Woofs & Wiggles,
Charlie Bear
It all started with…
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4 thoughts on “It all started with…

  • July 12, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Such a lovely story, Charlie Bear. Makes my heart happy to read it! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • July 9, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Thanks for commenting! Yes, it is super great when furry friends like us find forever homes.
    Woofs & Wiggles to you,
    Charlie Bear

  • July 8, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Charlie Bear that is such a sweet & caring story. I am so glad to know that most of the places have been able to find ‘Forever Homes’
    for the animals they find and rescue, take care & be good;



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