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Just when I think I’ve heard it all – something comes along and surprises me.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, recently published an article about a dog named Ellie that ate a beehive! Can you believe that?

Ellie is a young dog, but according to her owners she’s already managed to eat everything from wooden toy train tracks to laptop computer keys. So the beehive in the backyard was just another culinary adventure for this insatiable pooch!

Ellie, the Labrador retriever from Santee, Calif., ate an entire beehive and its thousands of inhabitants.

Unfortunately for Ellie, the recently sprayed beehive was full of pesticides and thousands of dead bees, and that dangerous combination sent her to the veterinary hospital later that night.

Ellie was treated and sent home with an upset stomach but she made a full recovery.

This story just goes to show that you just NEVER know what a dog will do! These little “adventures” can be extremely dangerous. They can also cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The best way to prepare for this kind of problem is to save money in a special fund just for emergencies or to consider pet insurance. Pet insurance can really allow you to do the best for your dog in the case of a problem like Ellie’s.

Oh, and of course, keep all insecticides out of your pet’s reach.

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Dr. Jon

P.S.  Dr. Jon admits Ellie was lucky. Sometimes lives are lost simply because the dog’s owner can’t afford medical treatment. That’s why he urges all of his readers to consider pet insurance (they insure cats too!). Nine out of ten veterinarians recommend VPI. Get a free quote today. It could save your pet’s life.

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My own personal note: I’ve had pet insurance for Rex since he was a puppy. When he had a torn ACL last year the insurance covered a good part of the cost. I’m getting insurance for our new little Charlie Bear.

Cost: roughly $1 a day.

Peace of Mind: Priceless.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you have pet insurance?



This is Simone, Patricia’s collie. Patricia tells us: “Simone was rescued from a back yard puppy mill, where she had just given birth to a litter of puppies, and was so malnourished that she weighed only 42 pounds and had almost no fur. She was so pitiful looking that most people didn’t believe she was actually a collie. I took her in as a foster for the Robeson County (NC) Humane Society, but when it came time to put her up for adoption, we all knew she had already found her Forever Home with my family. She now weighs 70 pounds, is healthy and happy, and loving life.”

Kudos to Patricia for giving this loving collie a home! And remember, we have more pet photos to post so stay tuned to see yours!

Labrador Retriever Eats Beehive

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