Dear Friends,

Are you stressed right now?

Yesterday, I looked around. Christmas cards still weren’t done. Gifts were 90% bought and 0% wrapped (and I have out-of-state locations to mail to). Where would I find the time?

The long list of cards to send seemed daunting. Until I did something different this year. I picked six people. The ones farthest from my home because the cards had to go the farthest in the mail. I did only those six. You know how long it takes, right? Look up the address, write it on the envelope, find stamps and return address labels, then write inside the cards (without skimping on sentiment), then stuff them, lick them shut, and find a mailbox to put them in. I love sending cards, just where to find the time?

Voila! I did six and felt good. The next day I did more. This morning I did the last batch…those who live closest to me in my 55 and older community that I will drop in their mailbox (no address, no stamp, no mailing needed).

Gift wrapping is next! I’ll do the same thing. And I better not dawdle…Christmas is less than two weeks away!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends. May yours be filled with peace, joy, and good health.

Much love and merriment,

B.J. and Charlie Bear (who sends Christmas woof woofs).

Our Christmas Tree.
I decorated early…right after Thanksgiving…and am so glad I did.
I’ve had the joy of pretty lights on the tree every night since.

Little Bites…

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