Charlie Bear here. Nope, those aren’t pictures of me. They’re photos sent in from a good friend, Marsha, who watches our blog posts. It’s a new feature of this blog from Mom and me. We’re going to run a photo of rescued dogs (like me) about once a week. Want to see yours? Send it via email attachment to:
Marsha shared her wonderful tale with us about her cuties:
“We’ve had Skippy for about ten years (top photo). He’s 13 now and full of arthritis and used to be the dominant dog when we had him and our precious Honey. We had rescued both Skippy and Honey (two years apart) from a local no-kill shelter called Mostly Mutts in central Pennsylvania. They do a wonderful job rescuing abused dogs and cats and placing them in adoptive homes.
Honey, sick and old, went over the Rainbow Bridge last October. I then went to the SPCA and adopted two-year-old Bailey (sitting upright on the sofa above), who has pretty much taken over the house. He’s now the King of the Domain, but Skippy unashamedly totally ignores him. There have been no fights; Skippy’s too tired and lazy, he just lifts his upper lip and growls when Bailey gets too close, but Bailey still persists on playing until his peeps yell at him to leave Skippy alone.
Now we have one furkid about ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge and another little furbag of dynamite, both bringing great joy to our home.
Honey was one of the sweetest dogs we ever had, and I still miss her. She was precious.
Thanks for featuring furkids on your blog. It’s obvious you love dogs very much and that Charlie Bear is so dear.”
Marsha Hubler
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Charlie Bear back again. Thanks, Marsha, for sharing with us. And to our readers: we hope you like our new blog feature. Don’t forget to send in your pics!

Wiggles & woofs,
Charlie Bear

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Meet Rescue Dogs Skippy and Bailey
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2 thoughts on “Meet Rescue Dogs Skippy and Bailey

  • April 27, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Thanks BJ & Charlie Bear for sharing this post on Bailey & Skippy. Maybe you can keep your readers up on their progress.
    Woofs & Tail Wags.


    • April 27, 2012 at 12:39 pm

      Beaugie, that’s a great idea! Let’s all stay connected through the blog.
      Best wishes and wiggles,
      Charlie Bear


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