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“Thank you for the encouragement and humor. These newsletters always spur me on. As an animal lover, it made me smile to see your buddy Rex at the top of the page. Keep up the great work and know how much the words of encouragement mean to so many of us!” ~Diane

“Another Winner!! Fantastic BJ! If I didn’t know you already I sure wish I would!! You’ve got a great voice and meaningful words!! You are a gift. xxxoo” ~Tsgoyna

“Just want to thank you for your newsletters. Love how you use the words, coloring, etc. to get the message across. Appreciate the encouragement.” ~Joyce

“This is VERY encouraging just when I needed it most. Your words are a great reminder that it’s not my timing and plans, but God’s.” ~Linda

“Thank you for your newsletter. I was in two of your classes at Mt. Hermon. Before the holiday I submitted three stories for the Guideposts writing contest. Although I had written them before, I was excited to organize my stories the PMS to a T way, and I mailed them all in. I am praying that one of my stories will be a winning story, but if not, I will try again. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and training.” ~Sue

“I always love receiving your newsletter, B.J. Many blessings as you pursue God’s call to write your novel.  I can’t wait to see what God does with it!” ~Heidi

“Too cute, BJ. I love the distraction of “the hunks!” Congratulations on getting your novel completed! I look forward to reading it.” ~Carol

“Love your Taylor’s Tips. So helpful, uplifting and just spot-on. What I need to hear.” ~Catherine

“Thanks for the great advice! I am grateful for the opportunity I had to meet with you at Mount Hermon. I came away from our meeting encouraged and excited about writing for magazines and cannot wait to submit my work to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Thank you for investing in my life!” ~Beth

“I found this old email I had somehow missed in my hurrying on and off the Internet. The words washed over my thirsty soul, like a wave to a drying, dying stranded sea creature. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing them, because in these last weeks I have been wearily wondering if I should use the precious strength, time and seemingly dwindling resources to keep writing. And you come alongside of me and enCOURAGE me to press on! Perfect timing!” ~Jan