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Peaks and valleys. Haven’t we been through a lot in the last 45 days?

We all have reasons to feel sad, angry, and afraid. Health scares, COVID-19, family, loneliness, kids, parents, grandparents, jobs, money.

You are not alone.

The last time we talked, I shared about feeling like I’m in a valley. I’m still there. And I said what keeps me going is that I know it won’t last. Some of our fears, our sadness, our anger may lift in the weeks ahead.

Valleys lead to hills. Hills lead to mountains. Mountains lead to euphoria.

With faith, prayer, courage, sharing, and being gentle with ourselves, we will climb out of the valley.

Tip your head up to the sun. Feel God’s shining light. It’s there, even if it’s hard to feel and see right now.

Be safe and healthy.

Follow your dreams…
B.J.& Charlie Bear

Photo credits: #1: Grace Fellowship Church; #2: The Church of the Cross; #3: Common Sense Leadership.

Life is Good!

If you love dogs… An unabashed promotion of a book. Maybe you’re reading a lot at this time?

This Review is from:
Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances:

5.0 out of 5 stars 
by Kat Crawford, Author

A Real Live Love Story You Can’t Put Down

Author Taylor tells the real story of falling in love with a dog the “foster mom” called a problem child. The fact is, everyone, dog or human needs someone to love them no matter their quirks. My husband brought home a five month old abused Border Collie that I didn’t think would ever bond with our family. Love changes people. Love changes animals, too. BJ, her husband and her already well loved dog took in Charlie Bear, faults and all. All ages will love this story of hope.


Peaks and Valleys
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