Personal Story Contributions
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Charlie BearCharlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love and Second Chances

An intimate look at the first year in the life of a dog nearly labeled “unadoptable” and how this adorable munchkin sheds his headstrong ways, becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes three lives forever

Personal Story Contributions


  • “The Rescue”
  • “An Act of Passion”
  • “Best Friends”
  • “Last Resort”
  • “A Father’s Prayer”
  • “The Quest”
  • “Catitude”
  • “Annie’s Soldier”
  • “Crash”
  • “Honey to the Rescue”
  • “Who Is Nancy Zerg?”
  • and more…

Chicken Soup for the Soul

  • What Goes Around . . .
  • Here and Now
  • Shaping the New You, “Empowered”
  • Grandmothers, “ttyl”
  • Tales of Christmas, “Three Times the Love”
  • The Gift of Christmas, “Three Times the Love”
  • True Love, “Shaken and Stirred”
  • Count Your Blessings, “We Didn’t Know”
  • What I Learned from the Cat, “Bandit”
  • Preteen Soul 2, “Hot Potato/Cold Potato”
  • Father & Daughter, “Reel Event”
  • Celebrates Grandmothers, “Make a Memory”
  • Cat Lover’s, “Peace for Pickles”
  • Tea Lover’s, “Sweet Dreams”
  • Beach Lover’s, “Ebb and Flow”
  • Woman Golfer’s, “More Than Coincidence”
  • Dieter’s, “You Choose, You Lose”
  • Sister’s Soul 2, “Follow Me”
  • Shopper’s, “That Takes the Cake”
  • Divorced, “Tick, Tock”
  • Mother and Son, “Popcorn and Dirty, Bare Feet”
  • Teens Talk Middle School, “A Port in the Storm”
  • Resolutions, “A Leap of Faith”
  • Resolutions, “Blue, Brown & Green for our Red, White & Blue”
  • Cancer Book, “Marry Me”
  • and many more…

AngelsAngels on Earth

  • “A Circle of Dolphins”
  • “Finders, Keepers”
  • “Holiday Angels”
  • “If There Was a Chance”

All Creatures

  • “Baby Bird”

Along the WayAlong the Way

  • “A Boy for Brutus”
  • “Raising Ashley”
  • “It Takes a Stable”
  • “The Little Mother”

Miracles of HopeGuideposts Miracles Series

  • Miracles of Forgiveness, “Lost and Found” and “The Circle of Forgiveness”
  • Miracles and Rescues, “Choose Living,” “The Golden Hours x2,” and “Right on Time”
  • Miracles in Tough Times, “A Teacher’s Nightmare”
  • Miracles of Hope, “Hot Potato/Cold Potato”

A Dickens of a CatA Dickens of a Cat
“Peace for Pickles”

Romantic HomesRomantic Homes
“Was It Worth It?”

A Grandmother's TouchA Grandmother’s Touch: Heart-Warming Stories of Love Across Generations

Ultimate CatUltimate Cat Lover
“Just Do It”

Orange County RegisterOrange County Register

  • “And They Called It Puppy Love…”
  • “Worse Than Flying Coach”
  • The Search for Harmony at Home After Mother-in-Law Moves In”
  • “Taking a Step Back in Time Allows Enjoyment of Simple Life”

All is Calm, All is BrightAll Is Calm, All Is Bright
“Chocolate-Covered Memories”

“The Joy of Rex”

Motherhood MemoriesMotherhood Memories: Stories of Hope, Joy, and Encouragement
“Mother of the Groom”

Our Fathers Who Art in HeavenOur Fathers Who Art in Heaven

  • “Reel Event”
  • “Peace for Pickles”

Sunny Side Up: Inspiring Stories for Tough Times, Women, Dog & Cat Lovers

  • Up-close and personal stories that provide you with encouragement and hope
  • Personal stories to provide you with encouragement and hope; discover how B.J. has conquered her fears with courage and strength
  • Up-close and personal stories of the love we have for our furry friends and the love they give us in return


On the MountainOn the Mountain

  • “Serenity in 48 Hours”
  • “Four Seasons of Fun”
  • “Step Back in Time…Enjoy the Simple Life!”
  • “Boomerang Packing: What Goes Up Must Sometimes Come Down!”
  • “Plan Ahead Projects: Organization Made Easy”

Light and LifeLight and Life
“Stretch Your Faith”

Southern California Home and OutdoorSouthern California Home & Outdoor

  • “Mini Makeover”
  • “Guest Test”
  • “A.M. Exercise Routine”

Victorian HomesVictorian Homes

Mars and VenusMars and Venus in Love
by John Gray, Ph.D.
“A Classic Martian/Venusian Dilemma”

Interviews/Ghosted Story Contributions

Cup of ComfortCup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs
“Different on the Outside,” ghostwritten for Ron Roloff


writing-true-storiesWriting True Stories: Using the Winning Formula P MS to a T
The winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell

Writers GroupsThe Complete Guide to Writers Groups that Work
Takes you step-by-step through who should be in your group, when and where to hold meetings, and what to do when you gather

Writers DigestWriter’s Digest
“Writer’s Groups: The Five W’s”

Writer's Digest Personal WritingWriter’s Digest Personal Writing>
“The Five W’s of Writer’s Groups”

Christian CommunicatorChristian Communicator
“Writer’s Groups: The Five W’s”

Christian Writer's FellowshipChristian Writer’s Fellowship of Orange County

  • Write On! newsletter, “It All Started with a College Elective Class”
  • Write On! newsletter, “Tips for Conference Goers”