What’s the best experience you ever had with your dog? What’s the worst? Does the good outweigh the bad?

My Rex is 10 years old. We’ve loved his wild and carefree races into the wind at the ocean’s edge, the dog park meet and greets, the day care friends he’s made that make him whimper with delight as we get close to dropping him off, the jaunts in the car when we take him on day trips. As a puppy he was incorrigible and chewed and barked. He has also been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, so he takes pills twice a day for that. Last year he tore his ACL and had to have surgery at a tune of thousands of dollars (good thing we had pet insurance).

Rex’s love for us, and us for him, transcends every little thing that costs money or time. For us, there’s nothing like the love of a dog.

Tell me about the best time you ever had with your dog, or the worst experience and how you got through it.

Sharing Life with a Dog – The Good and The Bad

4 thoughts on “Sharing Life with a Dog – The Good and The Bad

  • August 18, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Oh my, too many sweet memories to count. Chipper is a delight. He sucks on his blanket when tired, high steps when he’s happy, and wags with delight any time we bring him home a new toy.

    • August 18, 2010 at 5:36 pm

      Lisa, aren’t they just the cutest when they do that “high-stepping” thing? It’s like they’re saying, “I’m cool. I know it.” I can’t help but laugh when they walk around with that attitude! Thanks for sharing by posting! Best, B.J.

  • August 18, 2010 at 4:09 am

    This past April, I had to put my best friend down. He had heart issues, cancer, bleeding, and these agonizing seizures that racked his body until he was near unconscious.

    It was an awful thing. Late one night, we sat up until 2 in the morning together. It was calming. He was a crazy puppy, with beautiful don’t-be-mad-cause-I’m-cute brown eyes. He tore up house plants, he barked at neighbors, he ran -through- the screen door. A real mess.

    Early one morning, we had had him about 9 months, he comes into the bedroom and barks. Somebody needs to go outside. My wife shoo’s him out of the room then goes back to sleep. No lie, my buddy lets out this crazy sigh, and trots off down the hall. Moments later, we’re awoken to the bam-crash-bam explosion of noise only to find him standing on the kitchen table with the root of the last house plant in his mouth. He shook dirt everywhere in the kitchen, and pulled all of my wife’s house plants from their pot.

    Vengeance is mine so sayeth the pups.

    He settled down, of course, as he grew older. But I miss him terribly. I miss that rescue dog with the beautiful brown eyes. He was my best friend.


    • August 18, 2010 at 5:34 pm

      Oh, T.R. I laughed out loud at the crazy antics of your pup. Shaking dirt from the uprooted houseplants truly is vengeance! And up on the kitchen table no less! I love how you described his eyes: don’t-be-mad-at-me-cause-I’m-cute. I’m so sorry you had to send your best friend over The Rainbow Bridge, but I’m sure he’s there wagging his tail, waiting for your arrival when it’s time. Thanks for sharing your memories and adding this wonderful comment to the post. Best, B.J.


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