So one day my foster mom gets an email saying there’s a man and woman who want to see me. They tell my foster mom and rescuer they have a dog already that’s been through behavior training (guess that means I’d have to do it too), they don’t have kids (thought to be unpredictable and I was enough of a handful), and they’re pet savvy (have had lots of dogs from little to big over the years). 

Foster Mom: Charlie Bear’s rescuer, Ryo, and I listed quite specifically all of the “issues” Charlie Bear possessed when we put his bio online. We did say he was ridiculously cute, which was the truth too, but we also said he had issues with resource guarding, he was sensitive to touch, and threw “tantrums” when he didn’t get his own way (chasing his tail aggressively was the nice way we put it).

I have to give my foster mom and Ryo credit. They did say I was cute. And they also said I was focused, smart, and eager to learn and please. They called me a work in progress when dealing with unpredictable situations.

Foster Mom: We were looking for a specific type of adopter. Someone dog savvy and patient. Charlie Bear would need lots of behavior reinforcement. He’d made great progress, but his new family would need to continue with his exercises to help him to become a happy, social, and well-adjusted dog. The email sounded promising.

 But there was a catch.

* * *

P.S. LBA (Life Before Adoption) is coming to a close. I’ll be sharing tales of LAA (Life After Adoption) soon. Check out the Charlie Here box above if you want a secret sneak peek at what’s coming (don’t miss the Valentine’s Day post – hint, hint).

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“Something to Chew On” Charlie Bear with LBA #17

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