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At this point in time, when many of us are still on the edge of our seats with so many things, is there a way to feel settled in our soul? We see others navigating the churning waters and we want that, but…

We’re all in different places and in different seasons.

Some of us are planning. Some are doing.

Some are sowing. Some are reaping.

When life is pressing and you don’t know what to do, may I suggest these three things:

Take Time to Pray

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Get on your knees, or sit in your chair and bow your head. Hold your hands together, or open them palm up to the Lord. Ask him to help you with whatever is on your plate. This past year has been hard on so many of us. I’ve been praying all the time in all places and in all positions. God sees you and hears you.

Take Time to Work

Organize your thoughts, then take action. Write a little bit, then a little bit more. I’m helping Charlie Bear lose some weight after his vet reprimanded me over his 5 lb. weight gain (for his size that’s a lot). His arthritis limits us to shorter walks, but I’m encouraging Charlie (without overdoing it) to make it to one more mailbox, one more driveway. Me? I can make it one more paragraph, one more page. Or I can journal, or chat with a friend.

Take Time to Hope

One day we will reach > (fill in the blank) >. Fill in your wish, put in your hope. For some it may be “back to normal” or “feeling happy again” or even “five pages written per week on my new novel.” Tell God your wishes and dreams. And don’t give up hope.

Keeping our head above the churning waters takes strength and perseverance.

How are you doing? And what are you hoping for?

Follow your dreams,

B.J.& Charlie Bear


Life is Good!

* * * * * *




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