Some dogs have “issues” (like my rescue dog Charlie Bear). These can usually be worked out with behavior training and lots of love. One of the reasons I write dog-lit is to help people understand that almost all dogs have some sort of issue and through time and patience almost every issue can be worked through. One of the most frustrating is barking.

Our big dog Rex used to let loose with an ear-piercing, deep-throated bark that rocked you off your feet if you were standing anywhere near him.  Dogs bark for many reasons: at unfamiliar noises, at other animals nearby, at the mailman, or when other dogs bark. Some bark because they’re lonely, some want attention, some are nervous or anxious, and some learn that if they bark they get what they want. Make sure there are no medical issues causing your dog to bark.

Once you understand the reason for the barking, that’s a great first step toward solving the problem. But what can you do to make it stop? Yelling won’t help – your dog will simply think that you’re joining in. Here’s something that came to me in Dr. Jon’s PetPlace Newsletter. It makes sense, and I’d try it with Rex if he were still here. You may have seen this product demonstrated on Victoria Stillwell’s TV show, “It’s Me Or The Dog”.

It’s  a new product called the Pet Corrector and Dr. Jon from PetPlace said it’s one of the very best training tools he’s ever seen.  Here’s what his colleague, Dr. Debra, had to say:

“As a veterinarian, one of the biggest complaints I hear from dog owners is uncontrolled barking. A dog that constantly barks can be a real headache – for the pet owner, house guests and neighbors. And in many cases, uncontrolled barking can lead to disastrous outcomes for both the pet owners and their pets. 

Complaints from neighbors have led to legal action for homeowners and eviction notices for renters. That annoying barking disrupts our lives to such a degree that we can no longer enjoy relaxing in our own homes. Stress levels are high. Tempers flare. Many frustrated dog owners reach their breaking point.

My staff and I have been searching for a good solution. We don’t believe in shock collars or punishment-based training methods. Ignoring the dog can eventually break the cycle, but you will be dealing with that problem barking for quite a long time before this tactic actually works.

We have never found a good solution to problem barking – until now.

The Pet Corrector™ is a humane training tool that can make your dog stop barking instantly.  It was created by a renowned British animal behaviorist, based on dogs’ natural sensitivity to a certain sound… and it has become the #1 training product for domestic pets in the United Kingdom.

The concept is simple. In nature, snakes hiss to scare off predators. Dogs instinctively know this sound and they stop whatever they are doing when they hear it. The Pet Corrector is a can of compressed air. When you push the button, it releases some of that air and it makes a hissing sound similar to that of the snake. 

Through repeated use of the Pet Corrector, you can train your dog to stop a variety of problem behaviors, including barking.  Other behaviors the Pet Corrector can stop include jumping up, inappropriate chewing, stealing and going to “off limits” areas.

After using the Pet Corrector several times, for most dogs all it will take is seeing the can to stop the behavior – you won’t even have to use it. For under $10, you won’t find a better value for the money.

Dr. Jon of PetPlace continued: After talking to Dr. Debra, I just had to see for myself.  I tested it on a client’s dog that barks incessantly – and the dog stopped barking!  And the first thing my client said was, “Where can I get one?!” 

If you have problems with barking or any of these other behavioral issues, you might want to give it a try. 

Pet Corrector

* * *

I think this is a fabulous idea and it uses the principle of hissing that I was taught when training Rex ten years ago. Making that “shusssshhhhh” sound often startled him and he stopped what he was doing, but my “shusssshhhh”-ing noises are not very loud and I don’t think I sound like a snake! I’m all for finding humane and effective ways to stop unwanted behavior because that helps all of us to live harmoniously together (even little rescue dogs like Charlie Bear in his new home here with us).

Best regards,
B.J. & Charlie Bear

The Pet Corrector – Worth a Try for Barking Dogs

10 thoughts on “The Pet Corrector – Worth a Try for Barking Dogs

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  • August 16, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Wow,that sounds like a great way to teach a dog not to bark I will pass it on:) Linda

    • August 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm

      Lilly is the perfect pooch, so I’m sure she doesn’t need it, but Charlie Bear is still testing the waters (no pun intended on the water in the squirt bottle!). I was at the dog park with him today and a lady said the canned, compressed air is the way to go for sure. She uses it and loves it. She said her dogs stopped barking and now all she has to do is show them the can and they quit. Amazing!
      Hope you are well!

    • August 15, 2011 at 7:20 pm

      I’m using a spray bottle and water with Charlie Bear right now! It’s working wonders. All he has to do is see it and he settles down. Marvelous!
      Thanks for sharing!


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