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Who needed COURAGE in the Wizard of Oz?

Who needed COURAGE to pursue his dream in the mega-big series?

Who needed COURAGE lately?

ME (I’ll be Rapunzel and let down my hair)

Maybe YOU need courage?

It can be scary to submit a story for publication.
It can be terrifying to write a novel.
It can be frightening to query an agent or attend a conference.
And it can downright make your heart stand still to proclaim you are indeed a writer.

We need the courage of a lion and the bravery of Harry Potter, and we need to BELIEVE in ourselves.

And guess what? I’ve discovered I do have COURAGE. And my friends, it comes from you.

You’re my Wizard when I’m a cowardly lion. You’re my magic when I think I’m too scared to pursue my dreams. You’re there for me when I need encouragement, support, motivation.

Look deep inside yourself. You’ll find the mane of a lion, the backbone of a sprite crusader, the strength of the power of friends.

What is YOUR lion-sized goal? Your dream? Your story, book, or future?

Say it with me…I BELIEVE! I AM A WRITER. And I have COURAGE!

Follow your dreams…
B.J.& Charlie Bear


What’s Going On:

UPDATE: I sent the requested full manuscript to that wonderful publisher I told you had an interest in a three-book novel series based on the life of my Golden Lab Rex. She graciously granted me a few extra weeks to polish the novel before submission. My self-imposed deadline was September 15. I sent it to her yesterday (9-9-19), just a bit before deadline, but at least it was before. I’d be honored to have the manuscript meet her approval. We’ll see! P.S. It took “courage” aplenty. 

UPDATE: A big THANK YOU to my selfless friend for reading my other novel from front to back, and for encouraging me with every section she returned with comments. I am honored and proud to have her set of eyes to see errors, her heart to feel for the characters and recognize their nuances, her love for nitty-gritty, sensitive topics that push the edges. I love her to pieces and cannot say enough about how much I appreciate all of her time and efforts on my behalf. LYLM Dear Friend. 

Life is Good!

* * * * * *

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B.J. Taylor




We All Need It …
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